Garage Workbench Plans

A solid Garage Workbench that you can roll into position when you need it.

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How to Build the Best Workbench in town!

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garage workbench
Clamping a Small Work Piece
Clamp Small Items
Clamp Large Work Pieces
Clamp Large Items
Clamp Odd Shaped Workpieces
Odd Shaped Items
Clamp Thick Work Pieces
Thick Work Pieces

Clamping Vertically
Clamp Vertically

Clamp a Work Light
Clamp a Worklight

What makes a workbench really good? Certainly those are all important. But many of us have limited space, so how about mobility? Can we build a really solid workbench that is also mobile?

The answer is yes. This workbench is made of 3/4" plywood panels that are screwed and glued to corner gussets for unmatched strength and stability. Similar to the "unibody" construction of modern cars, this design is much stronger and more stable than traditional workbenches that use a wooden frame.