Panel Saw

A panel saw you use with your sawhorses.

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Free Panel Saw Plans!

  • Does a panel saw have to cost a small fortune?
  • Does a panel saw have to mount on a wall and take up lots of space?
  • Can only large shops justify a stationary panel saw?
  • Is there a simple, yet effective way for small shops to cut sheet material?
Panel Saw Plans

Most of us just need a simple and convenient way to support large panels in a horizontal position so we can cut them accurately.

You can easily build this simple fixture to support and clamp your panels while you saw them into smaller sections. This fixture consists of four identical tracks that clamp to a couple of two by fours or a workbench top. The panels are held above the tracks with riser pads which can be positioned so they are never in the way of the cut.

Panel Saw Panel Saw

These plans are intuitive and easy to follow. The 16 page PDF file provides step by step instructions for building this fixture and the Zero Clearance Guide from start to finish. Includes materials lists of what you will need, along with cutout diagrams and sources. Detailed instructions for using your panel saw are also included.