Router Table Plans

A simple Router Table with an excellent Fence.

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Free Woodworking Router Table Plans

A router table with a good fence is an absolute must for any serious woodworker. A router table increases the capabilities of your router much like a table saw increases the capabilities of a hand saw.

The router fence provides the accuracy and safety you need much like the steering system in your automobile provides the ability to keep it on the road. The quality and versatility of the fence is as important as the router table itself.

Router Table Front View Router Table Rear View
  • You can build this router table for a fraction of the cost of ready made router tables.
  • The top is 22" by 16" and it is about 14" high. Large enough to provide the features you need and small enough for easy storage.
  • No need to remove your router from the mounting plate. Simply lift it out of the cutout to change bits.
  • Features a solid fence with 4" high sliding sub fence plates.
  • The fence also features a simple and easy dust collection box with a hole for your vacuum hose.
  • The easy mount fence clamps are simple to make and grip tightly and quickly.
  • Features a miter gauge slot that works with standard table saw miter guages.
  • Convenient bit holder keeps your most frequently used router bits at arms reach.

Download Instructions at the bottom of the page.

About Woodworking Routers

When buying a router for the woodshop, one of the first things to decide is whether you need a fixed base or a plunge router.