Drill Press Table

A drill press table that's easy to build and easy to mount and remove.

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Drill Press Table Plans

Building a successful woodworking project requires accuracy in every cut we make and every hole we drill.

To obtain the highest degree of accuracy, the workpiece must be securely clamped for each cutting or drilling operation we make.

The work tables on most drill presses are designed for working with metal which is usually clamped in a drill press vice.

For working with wood, you need a larger work surface and a more versatile way to clamp the work piece.

Drill Press Table This drill press table, by use of T-Track , hold down clamps, and toggle clamps, enables you to accurately clamp your workpiece in the correct position.

The top is 18" wide by 12" deep. If you prefer a larger one, it would be easy to simply increase the size of the pieces. The top has a base made of 3/4" MDF board and is covered with 1/2" plywood to accomodate a replaceable insert and five sections of T-Track.

The simple, but versatile fence is designed to be locked in place by T-Track bolts. The T-Track can also be used for securing the work piece to the table or securing jigs like our tenon jig and pocket hole jig.

Download Instructions at the bottom of the page.