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How to Build a Corner Desk

Corner Computer Desk

A Corner Compiter Desk

Here's the perfect computer desk for people who like lots of space. Features a large lap drawer in the desk and a matching drawer cabinet which may be placed on either side. Need more drawers? Build two drawer cabinets and place one on each side.

It's no wonder corner desks are so popular today. A corner desk provides more work space than traditional straight desks. You can sit a very large monitor or two 27" monitors on this desk and still have plenty of work space in front of them.

The opening in the center is much wider to accommodate larger and more comfortable desk chairs. The center lap drawer is great for pens and pencils, rulers, paper clips, and other small items. The four drawer side cabinet can be placed on either side of the desk or elsewhere in the room if you choose. Free plans for the four drawer side cabinet are included with the download.

This desk is easily disassembled for moving through small doorways. The two side panels are easily removable and the easily removable rear leg features a caster wheel, making it easy to place in a corner.

Overall Dimensions: 48" by 48" by 30" tall

  • Top drawer: 15 1/2" by 13" by 2 3/8" for small items.
  • Second drawer: 15 1/2" by 13" by 3 1/4" for mid-sized items.
  • Third drawer: 15 1/2" by 13" by 6" for cd jewel cases.
  • Bottom drawer: just the right size for hanging file folders.

As with most of our plans, we use pockets holes to make the assembly of this project easy and intuitive. If you have never used pocket holes in your woodworking projects, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

Pocket hole joints are extremely strong and there is no measuring. You only need to drill the pocketholes in one of the work pieces to be joined. (the exact location is not critical). Clamp the pieces together, insert the screws and you're done. Since the screws remain in the joint, they serve as both a dowel and a permanent clamp.

You can build this corner desk with basic woodworking tools. You'll need:

  • Table saw, miter saw, or hand held electric saw
  • Miter Guage (if you don't have a table or miter saw)
  • Pocket Hole Jig and Drill

Our free Corner Desk plans have details parts drawings and detailed cutout drawings that show you how to make the most efficient use of your wood. The detailed step by step assembly instructions will show you exactly what is involved in building your own beautiful and durable home bar.

Since our plans are free, there is no risk to you. You can download and look over the plans and then decide if you want to build the project.

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