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A Mobile Workbench for Small Workshops

This six foot long Mobile Workbench could be the answer to your dreams. Many of us occasionally have a need to move our workbench from place to place in the shop.

Some woodworkers are fortunate enough to have a large workshop with all the space they need. Then again, many woodworkers are like me and have to deal with less than ideal space. That's the reason for this versatile workbench. It can easily be moved into different positions in the shop as needed and then easily moved back to the home location. But that's not all this versatile workbench has to offer.

Woodwookers need to clamp a variety of different sizes and shapes of workpieces. The following images provide a sample of the many ways you can use the T-Track and various clamps to hold your work securely in place.

You can easily make the clamps you need from small pieces of scrap wood that you probably lying around. Or you can purchase ready made Hold Down clamps from a variety of woodworking suppliers. Just do a search for t-track and clamps and you'll find lots products as well as good ideas for using T-Track.

Clamp Large Flat Workpieces on Your Workbench
Clamp Large Flat Pieces
Clamp Very Small Workpieces on Your Workbench
Clamp Very Small Pieces
Clamp Odd Shaped Workpieces on Your Workbench
Clamp Odd Shaped Pieces

Clamp Thick Workpieces on Your Workbench
Clamp Thick Pieces
Clamp Workpieces Vertically on Your Workbench
Clamp Pieces Vertically
Clamp a light on Your Workbench
Clamp a Work Light

Being able to move your workbench around your shop and clamp an almost infinite variety of workpiece sizes and shapes is great. But the following features are also important.

  • Solid construction
  • A flat work surface
  • Plenty of storage for your tools

Certainly those are all important. But can we build a really solid workbench with all those features that is also mobile? The answer is yes.

This workbench is made of 3/4" plywood panels that are screwed and glued to corner gussets for excellent strength and stability. Similar to the "unibody" construction of modern cars, this design is as strong and stable as traditional workbenches that use a wooden frame.

  • Size of completed workbench: 72" Wide by 24" Deep by 35 1/2 High"
  • 3/4" MDF board is used for the top surface because MDF is one of the most extremely flat and dimensionally stable materials available. This workbench uses two layers of MDF board to make an exceptionally flat and solid work surface.
  • For tool storage, this workbench has nine different sized drawers plus a cabinet section in the middle with storage shelves inside. You'll love having most of you hand held tools with arms reach while you build your projects.
  • These Workbench Plans are a 48 page downloadable PDF file. The plans come complete with a materials list, easy to follow parts drawings, and instructions. Detailed drawings and instructions for the clamping system are also included.

You'll need the following woodworking tools to build this project:

  • Table saw
  • Drill Press
  • Pocket Hole Jig
  • Woodworking Router
  • Sander

Since our plans are free, there is no risk to you. You can download and look over the plans and then decide if you want to build the project.

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