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How to Build a Panel Saw

Every woodworker needs to cut large sheet materials from time to timel. Here are free plans for you to build a panel saw that mounts on a couple of saw horses.

Build a Panel Saw that Mounts on Saw Horses
Build a Saw Horse Mounted Panel Saw

It's great if you have space in your shop to build or purchase a traditional panel saw like the ones you see in large home center stores. But if you're like me and have to make do with the space you have, here is a panel saw that mounts on a couple of saw horses.

It's easy to assemble when you need it and easy to disassemble and store away when finished. It is much, much easier to cut large sheets when they are supported on a flat surface at waist height.

Our free plans also show you how to make zero clearence stright-edge saw guides so you can get extremely accurate cuts with a hand held electric saw. The plans also have drawings and instructions for making your own clamps. Of course, you probably already some nice quick clamps. But it's always an option if you choose to make your own.

Building this panel saw is an easy Saturday afternoon project. It consists of four identical wooden tracks that clamp to a couple of two by fours, (or a workbench top if you choose). The panels are held above the tracks with simple sliding riser pads which can be positioned so they are never in the way of the cut.

These free plans are intuitive and easy to follow. The 16 page PDF file provides step by step instructions for building this panel saw, clamps, workpiece risers, and the Zero Clearance Guide from start to finish. Includes materials lists of what you will need, along with cutout diagrams and sources. Detailed instructions for using your panel saw are also included.

Since our plans are free, there is no risk to you. You can download and look over the plans and then decide if you want to build the project.

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