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How to Build an Octagon Picnic Table

Octagon Picnic Table

Completed Octagon Picnic Table Made of Solid Cedar

The octagon picnic table offers significant benefits to the classic picnic table design. The octagon design not only seats more people, the space between the seats makes it easier to sit down and get up.

Of course it's a matter of personal opinion, but we could say the octagon design is simply more beautiful and sophisticated than the traditional long straight picnic tables with benches along the sides.

The Octagon Picnic Table is superior to the traditional picnic table design in a number of ways. It seats eight adults in comfort as opposed to six for the traditional classic six foot picnic table with attached benches. The open seat design makes it easy for your guests to sit down and get up without inconvience to the guest sitting next to them. The octagon shaped top puts the food within easy reach of everyone. Also, everyone is in a more convenient arrangement for conversation.

You can build this Octagon Picnic Table with basic woodworking tools. You'll need:

Our free "OctagonPicnicTable.pdf" plans file has 24 pages. Included are a materials list, detailed parts drawings, hole layout drawings and detailed instructions for assembling this beautiful octagon picnic table.

Check out the following seven sample pages from our free 24 page downloadable plans.

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1 - Octagon Picnic Table Dimensions

Octagon Picnic Table Dimensions - Side View

2 - Assembling the Top Octagon Segments

Assembling the Top Octagons

Apply glue to mating surfaces and arrange the same size segments together as shown above. Clamp both pieces securely and secure the joint with 2” pocket hole screws.

3 - Assembling the Top Narrow Gussets

Attaching the Stiffeners

Apply glue to mating surfaces and assemble the Top Octagons and Narrow Gussets as shown above. Ensure the octagon segments are equally spaced from each other and the gussets are centered over the octagon joints and also centered side to side. Secure the gussets to the octagons with 2 1/2" rust resistant screws

4 - Assembling the Top Wide Gussets

Attaching the seat boards to the seat supports

Apply glue to mating surfaces and attach the Wide Gussets to the octagons with 2 1/2" rust resistant screws as shown above. The Wide Gussets should be positioned against the Narrow Gussets where the Narrow Gussets come together in the center of the Top.

5 - Attaching the Legs to the Top Gussets

Assembling the Legs

Attach the legs to the Narrow Gussets with 4" bolts, two flat washers, one lock washer, and nut as shown in the drawings. Do not completely tighten the nuts until the Picnin Table is completely

6 - Assembling the Legs and Connector Rails

Assembling the Connector Rails

Attach the Rail-Seat Gussets to the Connector Rails with 2" screws through the 1 1/2" thicknessof the Rail-Seat Gussets as indicated by the orange arrows. The bottom of the Rail-Seat Gussets must be flush with the bottom of the Connector rail

7 - Assembling the Seats

Assembling the Seats

Attach the Corner Gussets to the assembled seat boards and and Seat Posts with 2" screws as shown below. The edge of the gusset should be close to the gap between the seat boards but not covering it as shown in the close up view.

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