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How to Build a Deck Planter

Build a Deck Planter

Wooden Deck Planter

Wooden planters add an element of natural beauty to your patio or landscape. It will compliment your wooden patio furniture like adirondack chairs and wooden picnic tables in a way that plastic can never do.

The planter shown above is made of solid redwood with a dark red stain. Teak, cedar, cypress, mahogany, or other decay resistant woods would be excellent choices for this wood planter too. Build this simple project and your patio or porch will be the envy of all your neighbors. Whether you fill it with flowers or tomatos, the simple lines of this planter will always be in style.

Tools you'll need to build this deck planter:

  • A miter saw or hand held electric saw
  • Electric drill
  • Basic hand toolsScrewdriver

Our free WoodPlanterBox.pdf plans file includes a materials list, detailed parts drawings, hole layout drawings and detailed instructions for assembling this simple but attractive deck planter.

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