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Free Jig Plans - Drill Press Table - Table Saw Sled - Pocket Hole Jig - Tenon Jig.

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For accuracy, you must clamp your workpiece!

Jigs are the craftsman's secret to precision woodworking. Anytime you can make a jig to hold your work pecisely for a specific cut, it'll come out right every single time!

The Table Saw Jig Collection - Our Newest Free Plans!

Table saw blades always tend to move the wood while the cut is being made. This is why it is so difficult to get accurate angle cuts with a table saw.

For really precise work you need to:
  1. Make or buy a table saw sled that enables you to poistion your workpiece accurately for the cut.
  2. Securely clamp your workpiece in place so it will not move while the cut is being made.
  3. Keep your hands safely away from the blade.
With this table saw sled and the accompaning accessories, you can position a variety of workpieces shapes and sizes in the precise position you need. The T-track enables you to securely clamp your workpieces.

Table Saw Sled
Table Saw Sled
Side Extension
Side Extension
Safety Handles
Safety Handles
Hold Down Clamp
3 Point Clamp
Miter Fence
Miter Fence
Taper Jig
Taper Jig
Tenoning Jig
Tenoning Jig

Drill Press Table Table Saw Sled Tenoning Jig Pocket Hole Jig

More Woodworking Jigs You Can Build

A drill press table with t-track and and t-track clamps enables the work piece to be securely held in place.

Similarly, a table saw sled with t-track and versatile clamps enables the highest degree of accuracy on the table saw.

For clamping work pieces in a vertical position on your table saw, you need a solid tenoning jig. A tenoning jig enables precision cuts on the edges of your workpiece.

Pocket hole joinery makes an easy, accurate, and strong wood joint. Like the above jigs, a well equipped wood shop should include a good pocket hole jig.

Drill Press Table

Free Drill Press Table Plans
Table Saw Jig

Free Table Saw Jig Plans
Tenon Jig

Free Tenoning Jig Plans
Pocket Hole Jig

Free Pocket Hole Jig Plans