Table Saw Sled

A versatile Table Saw Sled you can build yourself.

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Table Saw Sled Plans

Table Saw Jig Whether you call it a Table Saw Jig, Table Saw Sled, or Crosscut Sled, this table saw accessory will be one of the most important tools in your shop.

With ordinary miter guages, the blade tends to pull the work away from the fence, causing inaccurate cuts. This tool allows you to clamp the workpiece at the exact angle you need. You'll get precision miters plus you can keep your fingers safely away from the blade


Miter Cuts Miter Mate Taper Cuts
The Table Saw Jig is a precision miter gauge. You'll be overjoyed with the accuracy you'll get. Use your protractor or miter guage to set the Table Saw Jig fence to exact angles. Use it as a Taper Jig for precision taper cuts. The T-Track allows you to position the fence in virtually any angle.

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