Tenoning Jig

A Tenonimg Jig for either the table saw or router table.

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Tenoning Jig Plans

Make your own Tenoning Jig... produce accurate and strong tenon joints.

Tenoning Jig
Completed Tenon Jig

Tenoning Jig on Table Saw
Using the Tenoning Jig on the table saw.

This handy Tenoning Jig was designed to securely hold the workpiece for cutting tenons on the table saw or the drill press. A combination of T-Track, hold down clamps, toggle clamps, and stop blocks permits you to clamp the work piece in the desired position so your cuts are accurate and true.

Simply set the stop blocks to allign the piece for the cut and clamp with a couple of toggle clamps or hold down clamp as shown above. The home made stop blocks shown below will work for most of the cuts you'll need to make. Plus, it's easy to make a custom stop for any odd shapes you may need to work with.

This Tenoning Jig is simple and easy to make and use. Our free PDF format plans provide detailed drawings and instructions for building this very versatile tool. Note: The red colored surface you see in the picture is medium grit sandpaper glued to the jig surface. Sandpaper on the surface increases the holding power of the clamps.

Tenoning Jig on the drill press Here, the Tenoning Jig is used for cutting 5/8" tenons on the drill press. The workpiece is held securely with a toggle clamp and a stop block establishes the correct position so each piece is held in the same position.

Note the wood block under the workpiece. This is to position the workpiece high enough to prevent the cutting tool from damaging the tenoning jig.

Download Instructions at the bottom of the page.