Wooden Wagon Wheel

Finally, a Wooden Wagon Wheel that's easy to build.

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Free Wagon Wheel Plans

14" Spoke Wheel.

Here's a wagon wheel that's easy to make.

This beautiful wagon wheel is much easier to make than you may think. It consists of four felloes (rim sections), eight spokes, eight small spacers and two hub halves.

Note: The Tenon Jig and Universal Table Saw Jig, for which we offer free plans on this site, make this wheel very easy to make.

You'll need a table saw, scroll saw, drill press, and router. You'll also need a lathe for making the hub. If you don't have a lathe, the instructions show how to make a simple hub without one.
Wheelbarrow Planter Plan
Wheelbarrow Planter
This wheel was designed for use on the 53" Wooden Wheelbarrow pictured here. But you may well find other uses for it too.