Free Baby Cradle Plans

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Here are 6 free cradle plans to choose from

Baby cradles come in two basic styles, the simple rocking style and the swinging or "pendulum" style. The rocking style has rockers on the bottom of the legs and provides a rocking motion much like a rocking chair. The swinging or pendulum style has a stationary post on each end and the cradle swings from the posts. Either style provides a charming and comfortable place for the new baby in your family to sleep.

When you build one of these cradles for your cherished baby, it will not only be for him or her, it will be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Cradles are just the right size for your little bundle of joy to use typically from newborn to about six months.


Step by step photos for building this unique baby cradle.Detailed plans are from WOOD Magazine.


This wooden rocking cradle has a classic, old-fashioned, romantic design, made to meet the highest standards of safety and comfort.


This Baby Cradle is the perfect answer for where your precious new born will sleep. Incorporates solid brass hinges and stop-pin features.


This cradle uses naturally formed and accentuated stock to let the wood's inherent irregularities define itsrelevant borders.


Here's a reproduction of a Windsor Rocking Cradle made in New England around 1790. Model by Ron Fritz, Creeksidewoodshop.com


Plans to build a rocking cradle that can be painted or stained. Made of solid 1-inch wood panels, then assembled with glue and screws.