Free Adirondack Chair Plans

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Here are some free Adirondack Chair plans to choose from

Many variations of the Adirondack chair have been designed over the years but the common characteristic of all the different variations is comfort.
Here you can find Adirondack Chair designs that feature the traditional seat with a curved fantail style back that wraps you in comfort. The wide armrests provide comfort for your arms and plenty of room for your favorite beverage.
In addition to the classic design, you can choose a more conventional adirondack chair design that's a little easier to build and also quite comfortable.


Free Adirondack Chair Plans come from The California Redwood Association. This design is one of the easier Adirondack chairs to build.


Downloadable Adirondack chair template. The template is actual and will have to be printed on 243 by 363 paper at a local copy shop.