Freestanding Router Table Plans

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All Woodworkers Need A Good Router Table

A router is absolutely necessary for any woodworking shop. It's true that many routing tasks may be accomplished with a free-handed approach, but, except for very large work pieces, you'll get better results with your router mounted in a table.

A well designed router table should have a good sliding fence to help guide your wood as you make the cut and a miter gauge track for using a miter gauge. In addition, you can add dust collection, a safety guard, an easy to reach power switch and many types of jigs.

Here are 9 Free router table plans to choose from


This router table uses a 30-gallon trash can as a base. Saves space and also serves as the chip and dust collector for the tool.


Build your own router table! Free plans from Ana-White.com


Here's a simple free standing router table drawn in Google Sketchup.


Here's a good looking design for a stationary router table. Drawn in Google Sketchup®


This router table is on rollers and is used as a Catch Table for table saw when not in use. Started life as a Surface Range cabinet in Kitchen.


Router table and cabinet made from birch plywood,edged with hardwood. Joints are simple dados. No-volt release switch has built-in dust cover.


A router table is such an important tool that it deserves a permanent place and lots of features. Cutting diagrams and materials list.


This router station has a 24"x48" table, Incra channels and 4" casters. Great if you need a large work surface with mobility.