Free Benchtop Router Table Plans

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All Woodworkers Need A Good Router Table

A router is absolutely necessary for any woodworking shop. It's true that many routing tasks may be accomplished with a free-handed approach, but, except for very large work pieces, you'll get better results with your router mounted in a table.

A well designed router table should have a good sliding fence to help guide your wood as you make the cut and a miter gauge track for using a miter gauge. In addition, you can add dust collection, a safety guard, an easy to reach power switch and many types of jigs.

Here are 9 Benchtop Router Table plans to choose from


Bench top router table plans. A router table with a good fence is an absolute must for any serious woodworker.


Simplicity is key in this no-frills router table. Its just a router mounted under a piece of plywood. Clamps to your workbench.


The Stow and Go Router Table is a portable unit. This design will work well on uneven floors, and provides a very sturdy footprint.


This router table provides a work area of 15" which will allow you far more flexibility than a shop bought model. Allows for free form routing too.


This portable router table mounts on two sawhorses so you can set it up, take it down, or take it with you, quickly and easily.


This router table sits on a Workmate, it is suitable for most small routers and can be made very easily a power bar can be fastened to one end.