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Make Precision Miter Cuts With Your Table Saw

Miter Fence for Your Table Saw

Make Miter Cuts Safely and Accurately!

The miter gauges that comes with most table saws have three important limitations.

  • Saw blades have a tendency to pull the work piece toward the blade. This may not be noticeable, but it's enough to result in an imperfect angle. Clamping the work piece to the fence is necessary for accuracy.
  • The front surface of the most miter gauges is small and limits the ability to work with small work pieces.
  • It's difficult to set most miter gauges at precise fractions of degrees.

Table Saw Jig

Table Saw Miter Fence
Miter Fence

This simple jig solves the problems and limitations of typical miter gauges.

  • You can clamp your work pieces to the fence to ensure the saw blade cannot move the work piece.
  • The seven T-Track bolt holes, along with your table saw sled's T-Track arrangement, enable you to secure this fence to the exact position you need.
  • You can set precise angles with a saw guide, triangle square, or other precision angle tools.

Special Hardware You'll Need

Special Hardware You'll Need

For this project, you'll need:

  • One small 1/4" threaded knob. (Assuming your T-Track uses 1/4" bolts.)
  • One 2 1/2" long by 1/4" T-Track bolt and a flat washer.
Note: If you have a bench grinder, you can create your own T-Track bolts from carriage bolts by grinding the sides and top of the carriage bolt-head so the head of the bolt slides smoothly thru the T-Track.

Miter Fence Part Drawing

Miter Fence Parts Drawing

You'll need three identical pieces of 3/4" thick wood as indicated in the drawing above.

Glue the Pieces in a Stack

Glue the Pieces

Apply glue to mating surfaces and glue the three pieces together as shown. Be sure the edges of the three pieces are all flush with each other. Then clamp them together.

Drill the Bolt Holes

Drill the Bolt Holes

The drawing shows several holes. The reason being that it provides a lot of flexibility in placing the fence.

It's not necessary to drill all these hoes at the beginning, you can always drill additional holes later.

However many holes you decide to drill, you need to use a drill bit that corresponds to your T-Track bolts.

Apply the Sandpaper

Apply the Sandpaper

Cut a piece of 100 grit or 120 grit sandpaper to fit the front surface of the Miter Fence Block and attach it with contact cement.

The sandpaper really helps in keeping your work piece securely in place.

Insert the T-Track Bolt & Knob

Insert the T-Track Bolt & Knob

Insert the bolt through the preferred hole and add the washer and knob.

Setting Angles with a Saw Guide

Setting Angles with a Saw Guide

You can use a saw guide to set precise angles.

Here, we're setting the angle to 22.5 degrees.

Congratulations! Your Table Saw Miter Guide Ready to Use!

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